Serving Industry Since 1946

Engel & Gray, Inc. has been serving California and the Central Coast since 1946, providing quality services to industry. The team at Engel & Gray, Inc. provides manpower, equipment, and material to serve the needs of our customer. We are a diversified company with experience and knowledge, forming strategic alliance with customers to accomplish projects on time and under budget.

Engel & Gray, Inc. works with four main industries within the Central Coast; Oil Industry, Agricultural Industry, Landscape Industry and Construction Industry. Within these industries, we provide a wide range of services – Trucking, Construction, Environmental, and Roll-off services.

Engel & Gray, Inc. operates a 40-acre Regional Composting Facility providing quality compost and recycling services to agriculture, landscape and green industries.

As an example of our diversity, you might see our general engineering division provide construction services to a multinational oil company. Our transportation division works with our environmental division to clean and haul material away from crude oil impacted real estate.

Our Roll-off division works with a local winery to handle their organic waste stream and compost the material into a finished .product which will be applied back onto the vineyard where the grapes were grown; hereby completing the cycle of recycle