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Accident prevention is mandatory in today's work place, not only for the employees well being, but for a company to be competitive and stay on top of the challenging insurance market. For these reasons, Engel & Gray, Inc. feels that safety must come first.


  • Injury & Illness Prevention Program
  • Monthly Safety Meetings - Broad General Topics
  • Weekly Safety Topics - Short Five Minute Topics
  • Medical Monitoring - Bi-annual Physical, Blood & Substance Abuse Test
  • Respirator Medical Certification
  • DMV Pull Notice Program
  • Substance Abuse Program
    • Pre & Post Employment Substance Abuse Testing
    • Department of Transportation (DOT) Program


  • H2S
  • CPR
  • Medic First Aid
  • 40 Hour Haz-Wopper
  • Fire Watch
  • Respirator Use & Fit Test
  • Confined Spaces
  • General Safe Practices


Today's safety program is not complete unless the proper equipment is available and used. Because of this, Engel & Gray, Inc. owns all of the equipment required for day to day operations.

  • Three way gas detectors
  • Respirators
  • Scott air packs
  • Cascade air systems
  • H2S Monitors
  • Ventilators