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Compost Information and Applications for the Consumer

Saves Water
Stabilize PH
Better Roots
Adds Nutrients
Suppress Disease
Add Organic Matter

Quality Compost Products

Engel & Gray, inc has been serving the Central Coast of California since 1946. Along with our trucking and construction operations we operate a regional composting facility in the Santa Maria Valley. We process organic waste from home, farm and plant. With quality and care we produce the Harvest Blend brand of compost. We look forward to working with you.

Engel & Gray, Inc quality line of Compost is produced to the highest standards. Starting with prime feedstock including local harvest byproducts. Then blending with organic material to obtain optimum carbon nitrogen ratio's. While monitoring moisture and oxygen to obtain the most advantageous conditions. All the while scrutinizing temperatures for pathogen and weed seed kill.

This quality Compost is then able to nourish the soil food web with a variety of species to enrich your crop.

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